QK 65 Stone Age Edition (Barebone kit)

This item does not include PCB or plate. Clients must purchase one of each to make QK65 functional.


  • GB Starts: May 14th
  • Tentative ETA is 4-8 Weeks after the Sale


  • qwertykeys 65 pre-assembled case, including cnc top, die-casted bottom case and pvd stainless-steel weight
  • qwertykeys 65 carrying bag
  • customized-moulded silicone dampener and poron case foam
  • gaskets (jackets and socks)
  • qwertykeys usb-c cable (as gift, will not send make up or replacements)
  • rubber case feet
  • a set of liquidmetal® owlstabs - 80% (as gift, will not send make up or replacements)
  • tri-head screwdriver (as gift, will not send make up or replacements)
  • all necessary screws for assembly (stand-offs set only provided with hotswap pcb)

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