Harbour —港口: by Kibou, Hong Kong


Hong Kong is home to more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. Our skyline is dotted with iconic buildings that helped author the aesthetic style of our keyboard. In particular, the textured layout on the sides was inspired by the BOC building. The numerous skyscrapers facing Victoria Harbour are characterised with smooth window surfaces supported by curtain walls and steel frames. Drawing inspiration from these visual elements, we decided to create a keyboard with a seamless design accompanied by a stainless steel weight.

Our design approach is straightforward: simple design and quality materials. We wanted to design a keyboard that we would want to use ourselves. From the mounting style to the typing angle, the keyboard is designed to deliver the best user experience possible.

GB on April 2nd!

Layout: WKL/WK
Plates: Polycarbonate / Aluminium (Half/Full)

- Colourway: Black, Navy, E White
Units: 300


- Colourway: All Standard Colours + Lilac Grey
- Polished Stainless Steel Weight
Units: 90