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A refreshing set that’s straight out of your childhood lunch box and afternoon snacks. A heartfelt homage to the soyamilk that we grew up with and remember fondly.
We drew inspiration from a vintage soyamilk drink box from an era long before our time, hoping to provide a throwback aesthetic that resonates with our childhood.


Soyamilk for Charity

Because GMK Soyamilk is a food-themed keycap set, inspired by a drink that raised us, we want to use this opportunity and platform to pay back to our heritage, particularly to the elderly in the Asian American community that shaped us into who we are.

As a design team, we are pledging to donate a percentage of our profits towards the charity Heart of Dinner, which has a goal of “nourishing NYC’s East Asian elders with love and food every week”.
Proof of donation will be provided for posterity after the group buy.
If this is a cause that resonates with you, please consider supporting the project or donating towards the charity!



Designed by StudioBLB
Made in Germany
by GMK electronic design
Material: ABS Plastic


Profile: Cherry
Sculpt: 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 4
Legends: Doubleshot
Modifier Style: Icon


Alphas: WS1
Legends and Accents: RAL 260 50 25 / GMK P3
Mods: RAL 1015



EA: Kibou
NA: Cannonkeys
CANADA: Mech.Land
UK: Proto[Typist]
KR: Swagkeys
SEA: Monokei
CHINA: zFrontier
OCEANIA: DailyClack


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Q4 2022

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